Financial Reporting

We provide our partners with a monthly or quarterly Operating Statement comprised of the following:

  • Property Manager’s Narrative
    In this cover letter, we summarize the property’s physical condition and financial performance for the period.
  • Cash Flow Statement
    This income and expense summary shows the month or quarter and year-to-date net income, as categorized into Rent, CAM Reconciliation, and other pertinent categories. Expenses are likewise recorded in summary as well as individual categories (Utilities, Landscape Maintenance, Management Fees, etc.).
  • Cash Balance Statement
    A complimentary seperate bank account is set up for each property we manage. Every month or quarter we provide the client with a Cash Balance Statement regarding the account. The statement notes current as well as year-to-date beginning balances, net income for the period, and ending balances.
  • Rent Roll
    The Rent Roll gives a snapshot of the property. Each unit in the property is described in terms of its unit number, size, rent fee, rent fee per square foot, tenant name, lease start and expiration dates, as well as notes on any deposits held. Vacancies, if any, are also listed. Numbers within each category are then presented in total to provide an overall picture of the property.
  • Additional Reports Will Be Available
    We find clients occasionally need the following, any of which can be delivered upon request at any time:
    Budget Comparison Report
    Accounts Payable Distribution Report
    Check Register
    Current vs. Prior Year Income and Expense Report
  • Monthly Rent Statement
    We mail a rent statement to each tenant each month.
  • CAM Reconciliations
    Once a year we prepare Common Area Maintenance Reconciliations for each tenant, enters amount due on the tenant’s aforementioned Monthly Rent Statement, then we mail it to the tenant for speedy payment.