Construction Supervision

Magna Enterprises, LLC has developed and implemented well orchestrated construction supervision plans that will enable all projects to be monitored efficiently.

The scope of service has included the entire development process from concept to complete implementation. The range of projects have included mid and high rise office shell and core design and construction, retail centers, industrial buildings and parks, millions of square feet of tenant construction, as well as remedial improvements, seismic bracing, and hazardous material abatement.

Tenant Improvement Supervision

We have over 35 years of experience in all phases of construction and renovation. Magna Enterprises, LLC incorporates an extensive range of services, which includes a long-term commitment to quality and customized programs. From the pre-design stage through the construction process, we will serve as a communication center constantly monitoring the flow of the entire project. This continual overview allows us to respond to challenges immediately.

We have extensive experience in contract negotiations and competitive bidding procedures insuring the lowest possible costs. We develop a clear understanding of the our properties needs as well as a review of the design documents, extensive onsite inspection of the prospective building and development of a specific scope of work.