Investment Types

Magna Enterprises, LLC seeks to acquire distressed and value-added commercial properties with strong fundamentals in primary and growing markets throughout Southern California and Las Vegas. We acquire quality properties that have room for improvement and upside potential realized through either the redevelopment of the physical nature of the properties, the development of enhanced improvements, the repositioning of the management in its daily operations, or in refocusing leasing efforts to revitalize the tenant mix and utilize our long term tenant relationships. Value-added assets can often benefit from a change in marketing, operations, leasing, renovation strategy, physical improvements, and/or a new capital structure.

We seek opportunities to acquire properties with a balanced mix of current cash flow and future appreciation. These properties may be located in recovering or underdeveloped primary markets, as well as in secondary and tertiary markets. These properties also may offer some re-tenanting or re-development exposure, though often coupled with the opportunity to increase cash flow when existing rents are below current market levels.

Magna Enterprises, LLC is actively seeking to acquire Stabilized Investments, also identified as Core Investments, of both single and multi-tenant properties. In an effort to diversify our portfolio, increase our cash flow, and mitigate the inherent risk that comes with development and value-added investments; We will acquire high quality, fully stabilized assets such as a quality single tenant property with a long term net lease or an anchored shopping center. Stabilized investments represent lower risk profiles and derive their value from current income production.

Our underwriting is based on the merit of each individual opportunity taking into account several factors, instead of simply yield. We evaluate the combination of the location, layout, functionality, tenant financial strength, micro/macro market conditions and the intrinsic value of the real estate. This often allows us to ‘look beyond’ traditional challenges and to justify moving forward on certain opportunities that my not meet other buyer’s criteria.

Magna Enterprises, LLC provides the full range of development services, including site selection, land planning, governmental approvals, asset management and property management. We build on behalf of national credit tenants and other financially strong regional merchants.

Growth through third party development and leasing is a proven path to retail success for corporate retailers. By outsourcing real estate growth, tenants and merchants avoid costly and time-consuming in-house construction management, a rise in corporate debt load, and burdensome increases in non-performing assets on balance sheets.

With strong capabilities, we will ensure a cost-effective rollout of corporate retailer expansion plans. We as a rule obtain local professional expertise to successfully develop and deliver our projects. In addition, where we have local partners, we endeavor to have them invest alongside us. Utilizing our close relationships with principals, financial institutions and the real estate brokerage community, we are able to make transactions come to fruition in relatively short time frames. We are currently targeting developments along major transportation corridors and infill sites with an emphasis on retail, multi-family and mixed-use projects.